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An integrated team of 40 data experts to centralize, analyze
and manage the client knowledge in your marketing strategy
and your marketing and business plans.

Source of differentiation and value creator, data is the main ingredient of well performing companies... on condition of extracting all of its intelligence !
Cyrille Peixoto
Chief Data Officer
Before even extract key information or value insights, our real stake stays in our capacity to deploy strong and secured infrastructures to organise, process and increase a maximum of clients data.
Sylvain Desfachelles
Responsable Data Engineering

Areas of expertise

Data & Engeneering

To collect, organize et secure all of your data (data management, data quality, data cleansing, RCU…)

DATA science

To develop prediction and recommandation algorythms to optimize your strategies (machine learning, clustering, IA, pattern recognition…)

Business Intelligence et analytics

To understand you data and analyze them to identify the insights that will create value and business for your company (business insights, storytelling, dataviz, ROI measurement…)

Data governance & RGPD

To supervize, secure and optimize the data collect and use.

High-end tools & infrastructures

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