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Distribution network optimization

Golden Award 2017 Adetem in “BtoB Marketing” category

The client’s challenge

How to increase and reward the performance of a heterogeneous and international distribution network ?

The proposed solution

To build a state of the art data management infrastructure in order to collect, analyse and exploit all sales data. To conceive and build an omnicanal programm and communication plan, in a fully personalized way in 32 lands, networks and people, that serves as much the business as the relationship performance.

The highlights

• A program deployed at international level
• Adetem Golden Award in the BToB Marketing category

32 countries
4 networks
4 animated brands
awards and advantages
More than
million KPI calculated on a monthly basis
More than
years of partnership
Kiss The Bride was the most dynamic,
expert and accurate agency on the data catching process.
Allan Lebossé
Key Account Manager - MICHELIN
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