Cookie policy of Loyalty Company websites

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of information installed on your hard drive by the server of the website you visit.  It contains the following data:

This information is sometimes stored on your computer in a single text file that a server can access in order to read and record the information it contains. [CNIL definition]

What are the cookies on the Loyalty Company websites used for?

The cookies that we use allow us, in particular, to record the number of terminals that access one of our services, as well as to establish the statistics of visits to the website, adapt our content to your areas of interest, avoid the user in question having to provide information already provided, etc.

By clicking on the “OK” button of the banner on our pages or continuing to use the websites, you accept the implementation of cookies on your device. If you refuse the use of all cookies, it may stop you from fully benefitting from the features of the website.

Below is a list of the cookies of our main services:

Audience tracking cookies are used to establish the numbers and the type of visits to our websites, as well as their different sections and the use of services offered on each of them.

Geofencing is offered on some of our websites in order to provide you with so-called “local” information, adapted to you geographical location.

Buttons for sharing on social networks use cookies in order to follow the browsing of the internet users.

Identification cookies are used to help you create and/or connect to your account on one of our websites, as well as for your contribution to joint areas. They allow you to access your account and/or private area via your user details.

How can unwanted cookies be deleted?

If you do not want to receive cookies, you can configure your browser so that it immediately alerts you when it receives or refuses cookies. However, if you configure it to automatically refuse cookies, you will be unable to use certain functions of the Loyalty Company websites.

To find out how to do this, view the sites linked below according to your browser:

Refusing to use cookies will mean that it is impossible to use our full range of services, for example geofencing.

What does the law say about cookies?

Regulation dictates that websites must ask for your consent before installing cookies, as well as inform you of their use and how to refuse their installation. In practice, a message must appear when you connect to the website for the first time to tell you how to accept or refuse cookies.

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By using our website, you are accepting the use of cookies so that we can offer you services and other products that match your interests. Find out more