5 rue Daunou
75002 Paris

100 allée des Frênes
69760 Limonest

17 avenue de la Créativité
59650 Villeneuve d’Ascq



20 creatives : Artistic Directors, page writers,
passionated Ux/UiDesigners and community-managers
to organize your brand universe and emotionally engage your clients.

The focus of the strategic brainstorming, creation allows to organize our client’s challenges, show their brand DNA, but above all bring emotion into their campaign.
Sandrine Fonteneau
Art Director
With more than 3 billion of connected people, social networks became a mandatory point of contact in the client relation. Before, during and after the act of buying, they present the opportunity to seduce, convert and engage its audience.
Pierre-François Canault
Social Marketing Strategist

Areas of expertise

Création 360°

To illustrate the strategic orientation into creatives, impacting and differentiating plans, reproducible an all supports. To increase the value of your brand identity and emotionally engage your clients with engaging and memorable stories.

Social media

To conceive, deploy and manage your social marketing strategies (influence strategy, social brand platform, community building, social marketing, training in social selling, monitoring…)